Star Trek for Windows 9x

Star Trek for Windows 9x 1.3

a strategy game based on the original Star Trek game. (See all)

Star Trek for Windows 9x is a strategy game based on the original Star Trek game. It has been enhanced to include a Klingon starbase, multiple ship upgrades, and solar systems which can be entered and explored. Converse with alien races inside the solar systems, and test your diplomatic skills. Features in the Unregistered and Registered Versions: Captain's High Score Posting; Multiple Mission Types -- Choose your objective; Standard - Kill a number of enemy ships within the time limit; Clear Galaxy - Kill all enemy ships in this part of the galaxy; Exploratory - Spend your time surveying solar systems to find inhabitable planets. Practice - No goal, no time limit, explore all you want; Multiple Languages Available with Language Packs as they come out of beta testing; Options to disallow upgrades, adjust Galactic Technology Level at the beginning of each game,and to turn various message boxes on or off; Galaxy map overlays: Highlight enemy ships in quadrants you've seen, or keep track of which quadrants you h

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